Central Otago

Central Otago is located in the southern part of New Zealand's South Island, approximately 200 km (124 mi) inland from Dunedin, the closest major city. The region is spread across a large area and is the southernmost wine-growing region in the world.

Central Otago has a semi-continental climate, with hot, dry summers and cold winters. The region receives a high amount of sunshine hours, which helps to ripen the grapes. The diurnal temperature range (difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures) is also high, which helps to preserve the acidity in the grapes.

Viticulture in Central Otago dates back to the 1860s, but the modern era of winemaking began in the 1980s. Initially, the region was known for producing fruit and vegetables, but the first vineyards were planted in the 1970s. The region's potential for producing high-quality Pinot Noir was discovered in the 1980s, and since then, Central Otago has become famous for its Pinot Noir wines.

The first commercial winery in Central Otago was established in 1987 by Rolf and Lois Mills, who founded Rippon Vineyard in Wanaka. Rippon is still operating today and is known for producing some of the region's best Pinot Noir wines.

Well-known Wineries:Felton Road, Quartz Reef,Mount Difficulty, Amisfield,Two Paddocks.

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